The Imagine Nation is a creative alliance of artists, builders, and doers.
We thrive on inspiring projects.

We specialize in creating immersive environments.  With our roots in festival culture we strive to push the boundaries of staging, installations, and human connection.  We also want to bring art driven design closer to home, fusing art and architecture in decor, interior design, and contracted building projects.  

A message from the Imagine Nation:

This is it. This is our time. Our generation has grown to adulthood and it is time we made our mark on this world.  We have the ability to come together like never before, thanks to the rise in modern technology. We have to stand up and fight for our rights as a whole. An entity of human beings which come together as a single nation. The Imagine Nation. Holding space for all of humankind to be free, creative, and be allowed the chance to do what they love. Let’s stop focusing on archaic ways of running society. Let’s stop dividing ourselves over issues of race, sex, and religion. Stop focusing on the negative and let’s see how we can build something from positivity, and from the belief that we all have a purpose in this universe. Let’s harness all energy for good, and bring each other up in instead of fighting to rise above. Let’s love one another like we never have before, and support each other’s individuality, to show future generations that we can all work more productively and constructively as a unit. Let’s create change. And not the kind of ‘change’ lobbied to us by local government officials in order to manipulate elections. A grassroots change starting with us, the people. The kind that is long-lasting, sustainable, and sets the precedent for a more harmonious way of living. This is our goal. This is our fight. Our time to take a stance. Will you join us? Join the Imagine Nation!

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