LA TIMES & 303 Magazine experience our University at Symbiosis 2016

The Times recaps an experience inside our installation:

"The admissions officer at the so-called Symbiosis University had an elective quiz for new students. Sitting behind her desk in a pink wig, a low-cut unitard and a maybe-fake German accent, the woman grilled applicants on their intentions.

What was their planned course of study here, at this loopy rave festival on a lake two hours outside Oakland?

“Dog psychology,” said one applicant, earning a nod of approval. And their favorite yoga pose? “Um, 12-ounce curls,” said another, lifting his can of Tecate and taking a swig. “And how will you be paying for your tuition,” she asked yet another. “In beard hair,” he said, offering her a handful of his fluffy face coif.

She signed their admission slips and let them into a hidden room, whereupon the students had to promptly drop their pants and get smacked with a canoe paddle, thus joining this fraternity of dust-caked techno hippies."

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303 Magazine says:

"If Captain Planet and the Planeteers were building Hollywood-caliber movie sets for music festivals, it might resemble The Imagine Nation’s operation. The Imagine Nation is a collective of artists, builders and performers that regularly transforms trash into treasure, utilizing upcycled materials (whenever possible) to erect immersive environments for the amusement and entertainment of festival guests. If The Imagine Nation builds it, you will come. Symbiosis enlisted The Imagine Nation to assemble and populate this year’s popular University installation. After being greeted by a sexy desk clerk and guided by a flow chart-conceiving admissions counselor, students faced off in occasionally pornographic Pictionary battles before getting appropriately hazed at a “fratority” party."

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