Kirill, for real on the real, is America's sweetheart. Birthed in Belarus and raised in Brooklyn, with a Bachelors in Philosophy, he was destined to be a natural-born vagabond. A talented lyricist, photographer, and comedian he is always pushing life's boundaries. He enhances any situation by leaving you happily perplexed, while craving for more. Kirill doesn't only have a strong mind, he has a strong determination for demolishing, re-building, and turning trash into beautiful art.



Strong, silent, solid as a rock. Switch is the man who always sees the job through. Starts early and leaves late. A man that any team needs in order to reach championship quality.  A great builder, with an eye for detail and perfection; measuring three times before making a cut. But when the building is done, with all the secret doors strategically placed, and its times to get the crowd going…Switch switches into a clown of many wonders. Whether stilting around, juggling, or playing one of his lovable pioneer characters, he leaves the crowd in awe setting the stage for unforgettable festival nights. In his spare time you can find him painting away on any random object he can find. If you want to travel in style, you can check out his amazing line of personalized suitcases…a perfect way to tell your bag apart at the airport baggage claim. 

John Ripley


The ultimate get-it-done man.  JR, as he is known by the people who love him, is like a machine when he gets going; and there’s no stopping him until the project is done. His passion for music is evident in the years of dedication he has giving to the festival industry, throwing gatherings in Utah for over a decade. JR is the person who will go out on a limb and work his tail off in order for everyone else to have a good time. You may have seen him at one of our zones, dancing on whatever elevated platform he can find…showing the crowd it’s okay to let loose and enjoy themselves. An added bonus to any group. And all of you who like rage sticks, I’ve got good news…JR is a rage stick KING; or maybe a wizard cause his crystal staffs are pretty magical. Made from various stones and minerals, they’re a great way to set yourself apart at a party.

Clark Treese


Easy-going, loving, dedicated. When Clark builds something he builds it to last. Always picking up new methods and honing in on his path to becoming a master builder, Clark is the consummate example of “work smarter, not harder.” When he gets committed to something he sticks through to the very end. But this tall glass of milk isn’t just a builder, oh no…he can dance, he plays the piano, he can spin fire-y things, and he has been known to box the beat on occasion. Also, if you want to arrive to the party in style, he’s got you covered with his wide array of bowtie-necklace. They come in hyphy or classy, your choice. 

Zach Dragovich


Pragmatic, deductive, wise. Zach sees the world in a mathematic sense, everything in existence always linking back to the same set of principles. Efficiency and practicality are his forte. Geometry being the key to building, Zach is always taking a mathematical stance in his visions, using basic theorems to get the job done. This application is also evident in his artwork, using proportions to draw beautiful pieces of fractal designs. He can bring up the energy in any room with his child-like enthusiasm and willingness to keep to the moment of inspiration. 

Cerene Shepard


An ultimate team player, Cerene always shows up when help is needed. She’s young and hungry, using every day as a chance to pick up new skills and talents to put in her repertoire. She can dance, she can sing, she can play with fire….and she can keep a crowd entertained for hours. You’ve probably seen her roaming around with her funky good vibes and big smile, spreading love through the audience. Her job isn’t limited to performance, as she is always on top of our social media pages…releasing content for all the people to re-live their awesome experiences.