Imagine Nation - One Mind Movement


To unite people across the globe with the common vision of architecting a sustainably balanced planetary ecosystem through conventional education and practice, government policy implementation, and rapid technology advancements all aimed at counteracting human activities that damage the ecosphere and fostering human activities that rejuvenate the ecosphere.

Opening Statement

Earth's fragile life-sustaining ecosystem is being bombarded and downright damaged in several ways. If we don't start changing our ways to create a sustainable balance we are risking the future of our race and really all life on Earth. Yes this is a massive undertaking and will be difficult but it is not impossible. There is immense power and capability to achieve inside every passionate human being, if we all band together and unite for one common cause we can do ANYTHING. The reality is that 60%-70% of Earths population has to be on board to make the significant changes needed to overcome our current conundrum. Getting that many people onboard may sound like an insurmountable hurdle especially with the current apathetic attitude of the average person however as our situation becomes apparent to the masses and the fear of survival sets in there will be no other choice but to join the movement. Due to the closing time window we are working with it is absolutely essential that we start now and try to push things forward as quickly as possible. 

Approach - 3 Starting Pathways

Pathway #1. Generating funding for the rapid advancement of technologies that will clean the air and water in our atmosphere. The most important focuses in this pathway, at this time, are to find a way to sequester carbon en mass to halt global warming and to find a way to de-acidify  the oceans en mass to prevent the collapse of the base foundation of the planetary food chain. Donations? Yes of course, but we also need to implement a worldwide tax that will support this cause as we desperately need a majority of scientists and engineers working on this issue NOW, because if we don't figure it out no other scientific or engineer work is going to matter as we wont be able to survive.  

Pathway #2. Government Policy Implementation of policies, rules, regulations, taxes, etc.. that will put an end to or at least slow down activities that are damaging the ecosystem and foster those that rejuvenate the system. The most important focus in this pathway, at this time, is to create a professionally drafted "Declaration Document" which will clearly state the policies, rules, regulations, taxes etc... that need to be indoctrined in order to create a sustainably balanced ecosystem. EVERY PERSON RUNNING FOR OFFICE IN EVERY COUNTRY will be asked and more so pressured to sign this document. A report will be generated stating those who supported the Declaration and those who refused to sign or ignored the Declaration. The theory is that in time signing or refusal to sign of the Declaration will become the most important issue on the table, and those who refuse to sign will simply not be elected. 

Pathway #3. Conventional education and diligent practice of sustainable lifestyles, forest regeneration, recycling, proper waste disposal, mega ocean plastic cleanup, carbon emission reduction strategies, permaculture based farming and food production, saving the bees, etc... The two most important focuses in this pathway, at the current time, are 1. Balancing the atmospheric CO2 influx/outflux by mass promoting ways (and downright shaming people) to reduce CO2 emissions and PLANTING BILLIONS OF TREES WORLDWIDE (which is natures of sequestering carbon) and 2. Instigating a MASSIVE OCEAN CLEANUP ie collecting all of the plastic n' trash and removing it.  

How is this going to Happen?

We are going to start right away with fueling the movement by creating mass gatherings/rally's, artwork, and motivational self-full-filling prophecy style video episodes showcasing the growth of the movement all while moving forward with the initial steps below:

Step 1 - Start sharing this page with everyone you know who cares about the future of our race, ecosystem, environment, whatever ya wanna call it, and getting them to sign up for the newsletter. During this phase we will establish a weekly newsletter, motivational video release, and artwork. 

Step 2 - We create and launch a crowd funding campaign and raise enough money, resources, and professional help to create an 501c3 non-profit organization complete with an initial board, a website, bank account, membership signup portal, donation portal, weekly newsletter, etc... 

Step 3 - Create Committee's filled with experts for each pathway mentioned above. Each committee will have a primary objective of creating the framework to move forward ie detailed language, documentation, budget, timeframe, donation recipients (the organizations on the ground doing actual work) and and the plan for their pathway.

Steps 4 and Beyond are hypothetical and are more or less TBD by the organization once it is established. 

Step 4 -  Promote the organization on a global scale to gain membership/support and create the framework for chapters in all parts of the world that meet regularly. All member will elect both their chapters leaders plus the leaders that represent the organization as a whole.   

Crowd Source Motivated Movement

The Imagine Nation One Mind Movement is crowd source motivated. Its going to take a lot to make this happen and not everyone has money to give as such we are making it so you can donate money, products, services, land, labor, whatever you have. Everything you give helps, and everyone that donates (other than unanimous donors) will have the opportunity to be remembered forever as people who saved the planet on our commemorative donor board.